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Apple Pursues Non-Invasive CGM Technology

 Apple pursues non-invasive CGM technology.


This week CNBC reported that for the past five years Apple has been developing a new, non-invasive sensor capability that will detect blood glucose levels, presumably to integrate with its Apple Watch. Historically, Apple has shied away from the medical device market due to the accompanying regulatory demands. Interestingly, it was Steve Jobs himself who broke this mold and initiated the CGM project just before his death.  Since then, the company has been quietly recruiting key engineers and developers from other companies to strengthen its team.  It was reported that Apple has its product in clinical trials and is now mapping their regulatory campaign.

Apple’s prowess for technology development and aptitude for innovation could bring exciting and significant advancements to the continuous glucose monitoring market and diabetes management in general. Having a non-invasive CGM sensor would be a game changer to the diabetes world.   However, as ZDNET points out that even if Apple is successful in developing the sensor capability, the arduous task in getting FDA approval for the technology, still stands in the way.


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